Elizabeth Randolph is a style blogger, freelance writer, and personal stylist. In 2017, she decided to bet on herself and Through her platform, Styled To Bloom, Elizabeth strives to empower and inspire women through fashion, beauty and lifestyle content and styling services.


  1. I was born and mostly raised in Akron, Ohio

I lived in California until I was 7

I am the middle child of six siblings (thus the need for a public, attention-grabbing online space)

I was a theater/choir kid growing up

I love Selena (the Tejano artist and movie)

I quote Love Jones when I drink (or when it’s Tuesday)

I LOVE podcasts (The Read, The Friend Zone, and The Thick are my top three)

I have been natural since 2011

I am a proud graduate of Kent State University, with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication

I hold a Masters in Fashion Marketing from LIM College

I’ve never been out of the country but am dying to go to Jamaica

My all-time favorite show is Girlfriends

Rihanna, Lisa Bonet and Cree Summer are my besties in my head

I am currently practicing guided meditation

I am a blogger with a 9-5 so I know the struggles most of you go through! By day, I’m a marketing specialist for a technology company.

I love to cook and am a total foodie

I love 90s music, movies, etc.

I am considered the Synclaire from Living Single/ Freddie Brooks from A Different World kind of friend.

An epic weekend to me is finding a Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime series to get into


My family and close friends have my heart

I practice self-care and self-love like it’s my second job

I’m a retired empath

I journal as often as possible

I love God and believe they are within me!