Glowing Into 30: What I’m Looking Forward to the Most in My New Chapter

Glowing Into 30: What I’m Looking Forward to the Most in My New Chapter


Today is my 30th birthday. It feels a little weird even typing it. For so many people who have also reached this milestone or will be crossing it soon, 30 can feel like the end of your youth, and I’m no exception. Throughout my twenties, I’ve been given a “free pass” to make mistakes and learn from them by the time my thirties rolled around. So, imagine my surprise when I got closer and closer to this birthday and realized there were still plenty of things for me to figure out.

The end of my twenties was, in many ways, brutal. 29, especially, was a time of shedding old thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that kept me comfortable for many years. On several occasions, I had to unlearn coping mechanisms that kept me afloat, like procrastination, self-doubt, and, my favorite at the time, negative self-talk.

Unexpected changes to my physical and mental health forced me to rethink some of my actions and how I contributed to my suffering. I had no choice but to slow down and do things differently to live and feel better. However, I didn’t expect my self-care initiatives to affect my career and business goals positively.

Last year, I started a new position in the journalism space. The job I have now is literally what I always envisioned for myself, just in a different package. I’m still not covering New York Fashion Week, but I have interviewed several celebrities I’ve admired for years, and I will be near someone’s runway very soon! I also learned to attempt at least a work-life balance, which didn’t always feel possible in other positions.

I say all this to say that turning 30 isn’t the “end” of anything but the beginning. However, unlike my twenties, I have a decade of experience learning the things that don’t work for me. I’m ready to continue figuring out what does, and I’m excited to see what comes from this new era. Thankfully, I have family, a loving, supportive partner, and friends who support whatever wild dream I come up with this decade. 

Here’s to being 30, flirty, and thriving!!


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