Blooming through Valentine’s Day: My top self-love affirmations for all aspects of life

Blooming through Valentine’s Day: My top self-love affirmations for all aspects of life

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are all staying as warm, safe, and loved as possible!

Valentine’s Day wasn’t a holiday I took much seriously in the past. I mean, I love gifts more than anyone (ask my partner, lol), but I never thought someone NEEDED a reminder of how much their loved ones love them because it’s Feb. 14. 


As I’ve become older, however, I’ve realized that, like any holiday, Valentine’s Day can be a great way to go the extra mile for the people you value. Additionally, you could always use the day to reflect and take inventory of how much you’re loving on and prioritizing yourself. One of my goals this year is to do this very same thing, which is a never-ending process. But, I’ve learned it’s essential for me to show up for myself each day and fight for my well-being, dreams, and future life. 


Since starting a new phase in my self-love and self-care journey, I’ve found several affirmations that have helped me along the way. Here are some of my favorite, and I hope they encourage all of you! 


Also, I recently visited Atlanta and me, and my girlfriend took some fantastic photos at the cutest art mural!


1. “Start believing there is nothing ‘too good for you’- We The Urban


If you’re on Instagram and not following @wetheurban, I HIGHLY recommend you do so! I feel like they have something I need to see almost every day. When I say this to myself, I remember that I can manifest anything I want with determination and consistency. 

2. “Stop comparing and go at your own pace,”- We The Urban

In many ways, being a 20-something in this day and age benefits my life. Through technology, I’ve connected with other creatives, launched a platform for myself, and worked for companies across different coasts. However, like others in my demographic, technology, primarily social media, can easily compare my journey to others. But doing it doesn’t solve anything and only delays my creativity and, ultimately, my success. So, when I feel the need to compare, this affirmation helps. 


3. “Girl, you’re doing better than you think you are,” Next Level Females

Similar to my last affirmation, reminding myself of where I’ve been in the past helps me propel forward. Within the past decade alone, I’ve accomplished much from where I began professionally and personally. Despite all the drama life has to offer, I know I’ve received a lot of the things I prayed and worked for so far. 


4. “I am worthy, simply because I exist,”- Therapy For Black Girls

 @Therapyforblackgirls is another Instagram page I think any Black girl or woman longing for mental health resources from people who look like us should enjoy. I have followed its platforms since finding my current therapist on this site. Reading this quote on its timeline made me feel empowered. So often, I begin questioning my worth as I’m building the foundation for my dreams. However, the person I am right now is the version I need to love, appreciate, and care for to achieve anything I want!


5. “Stop existing, start living,”- These Pink Lips

Now, some might roll their eyes at this one, and I totally understand. We’re two years into a global pandemic, inflation is soaring, and so many people are struggling to “exist.” But, for me, this affirmation helps me to aim higher in my goals. I want to experience life without fear, anxiety, or depression. And while every day isn’t easy, I intend to do so as much as possible. 

6. “It’s ok not to be ok,”- Calm

Although I pulled this affirmation from @calm, I sing it in my head all the time since I heard it in Jessie J’s “Who You Are.” The phrase is incredibly accurate, as there have been days where I am just not ok. I’m stressed, overwhelmed, and unsure of myself on some days. While I have more tools to combat these thoughts, like my Calm meditations and sleep stories, I still remind myself to take my self-care day by day. 


7. “You’re in the room because you belong there,”-Mattie James

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have imposter syndrome as a creative. Even though I’ve been creating content and writing for almost a decade, professional setbacks like getting laid off have left me questioning what I bring to the table. But then, I remember that I’ve accomplished so many professional milestones and achieved dreams I didn’t realize I had. And, at 29, I’m just scratching the surface of where I will grow in my career. 


8. “What if you said ‘thank you’ to your body instead?” 21Ninety

No matter where you fall in the “body-positive movement,” it can be challenging to refrain from criticizing your body. Although I love my body as-is, I judge the random aches I get that come with age. However, this same bodyconstantly moves and becomesg more flexible every day, which makes me grateful. 

9. “The goal is to get finer, happier, healthier, and wealthier,”- @femaleboss_mindset

Even though I’m reminding myself to thank my body along the way, this will be the destination! I will be entering my 30s next year and feel it’s time to become the best version of myself in all aspects of life. At the same time, I will honor who I am today and the parts of me that I am still learning in between my growth.


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