Hold Up, and Wait For Tonight-Featuring the Nina Parker Collection

Hey, lovelies! Did you miss me? I hope so because I’ve missed blogging so much. Since my last post, many things have happened! Basically, your girl has been THROUGH IT! However, I’ve been discovering these past few days that I needed to relax, relate, and release the things I can’t control so I can prepare for my next chapter. But, more on that in a post later this week!

Elizabeth Randolph (Styled to Bloom) wearing Nina Parker's Macy's collection

Nina Parker’s Collection

As many of us figured out in 2020, being at home with not much work to do means you can focus on the things you’re passionate about. For me, I was very excited to finally give all of you the details of this look from Nina Parker’s collection. I’ve been a fan of Parker’s since seeing her on TMZ in the early 2000s. So, it’s been so amazing seeing her career development throughout the years and delving into making a difference in the plus-size fashion industry. Through her Macy’s line, she created clothes that are sizes 16W-24W and priced between $39 -$129. 

About the look

While I was wearing this outfit, I felt very much like I was in a music video. More specifically, a Beyonce or J.Lo video. The sleek dress reminds me of THAT DRESS from Lopez mixed with Bey’s look from the “Hold Up” video lol. I also love the matching shorts that come with this piece. Even though you can definitely wear flats or sandals with this outfit, I decided to be completely extra in neon heels. 

The top dress for this look comes in a size 3X. If you’re on the top-heavy side, though, you might want to go a size up. This is because the dress can feel a bit snug in the middle if you have bigger breasts. Also, the shorts are in a 3X, which could be uncomfortable if you have thick, life-saving thighs!

Have you tried Nina Parker’s collection yet? What were your thoughts? 


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