Valentine’s Day In Bloom

Valentine’s Day In Bloom

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! Like all holidays, this one has different meanings for everyone. Some people are celebrating new love, others are thriving in their older love, and even more, folks are loving on themselves a little more today. 

This time last year, Valentine’s Day looked vastly different. I was in a toxic relationship that even a day dedicated to romance couldn’t help. When that part of my life ended months later, I didn’t think I would ever find that connection again.

And, luckily I didn’t. I’m in a new relationship and my partner literally makes me kool-aid smile every day. I’m excited to celebrate what we have today, and am so grateful that I didn’t settle for anything less than fireworks.

So, no matter how you celebrate today, don’t settle! Do exactly what you want, and be with the person who takes your breath away. 







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