Braless Babe

Braless Babe

Happy Friday, lovelies! I hope all of you are excited for the weekend and are making some fun, COVID-friendly plans. 

As we all know by now, the world is looking more and more different. So many of us are adapting to our new reality of working, dating, shopping, and socializing from home. This new concept has made women who WFH feel liberated in a plethora of ways. For one, we don’t have to get up two or three hours earlier to make ourselves up to go to the office. We also can ditch the bras, especially if we have jobs that allow us to not interact with anyone via video chat. 

When I saw so many women gush about not wearing a bra while they’re at home, I also saw several others say they never wore a bra pre-COVID. The same women who said this happened to have much smaller breasts than I do, and flaunt their decision online often. However, I rarely see plus-size women joining in on the conversation. While I personally have large breasts, I find bras to be ANNOYING! They’re mostly uncomfortable and make me feel as if I have a bulletproof vest on, lol. Additionally, many tank dresses, like this one from Rebdolls, require either no bra or a strapless one. Since I didn’t have one on hand, I decided to ditch it completely and let my breast be sexy and carefree. Here are some reasons why I encourage women with larger boobs to do the same, despite the haters you might endure: 


Not Wearing A Bra Improves Your Muscle Tone And Breast Shape

Despite popular belief, many experts believe that not wearing a bra will actually tone your breasts more often than not. Instead of having saggy, uncomfortable breasts as a result of not wearing a bra, some women actually find their breasts are perkier and firmer after spending a long amount of time not wearing one. Although us big-boobed girlies are more susceptible to having back pain after going braless, it can change over time and become even better for your body overall. 


Your Breasts And Body Feel More At Ease Without A Bra

So many of us know the amazing, almost tantalizing feeling of taking off your bra after a long day. The reason for the relief is usually because you spent the entire day with your breasts being literally bound to pieces of fabric. For women with larger breasts, it is imperative to take some time away from your bra and give yourself days (or even weeks) to go braless. You may feel more exposed at first, but you will also feel insanely better after spending more time letting your breasts be their carefree selves (yes, I gave your breasts personal characteristics). 


We Can Do Whatever We Want!

If this horrid year has taught us anything, it’s that we have to constantly celebrate ourselves and our bodies exactly how they are in the moment. Even though I’ve been blogging about self-love and plus-size fashion for years, I still fall into the narrative that I have to dress a certain way to be accepted by “sOciEty”. I am just as worthy to choose if I want to wear a bra as anyone else. If it is acceptable for women with smaller breasts to not wear a bra, it’s also more than OK if I (or you) want to do the same. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on bras and your experiences with not wearing one in the comments!

Dress: Rebdolls, shop similar

Photos by: Parisha Janelle


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