3 Steps To Dressing Up For A Quarantine Date

3 Steps To Dressing Up For A Quarantine Date

Moving hips for date night photoHi, lovelies! I hope you’re all prioritizing the things you enjoy the most and are taking care of yourselves as much as you can! This week has been very fulfilling for me, as I completed my first session with a Black, female therapist. I will discuss this more in a later post, but I truly encourage all of you to take time to foster your mental health and be the best possible emotional being. 


As I focus on working on myself, one of the things I’ve been doing is finally getting back into the dating scene. Like many people this year, I became single in the midst of the lovely pandemic we’re having. With being single comes the fun of getting to know new people and, typically, having different experiences. Unfortunately, quarantine has made everything we’ve known about dating change drastically. While more people are starting to go out, others are being even more cautious as we await a vaccine. However, there are still opportunities to have virtual or in-person dates and to look your best while doing so. Here are some ways I plan a look for a date night!


Wear Something You Know You’ll Look Good In

As plus-size women, we know that even though something looks good on a model online, it can be a TOTALLY different experience when we see it and try it on in-person. I suggest not trying something new when you’re getting ready for date night, especially if it’s with a new person. This is because the first few dates are stressful enough without having to worry about if what you’re wearing fits you in a comfortable way. For example, this dress from ASOPH fits perfectly over my breasts, which is always the struggle with everything I wear lol.

Dress For The Occasion

I’ll be honest with you guys, I am the queen of overdressing! I sometimes decide if I want to wear something and it looks good, I tend to wear it, even if the location doesn’t fit. Lately, though, I’ve been trying to avoid this and pay more attention to where I’m going before I choose what I’m going to wear, While this dress would be great for dinner and drinks, it would be completely wrong for a picnic at the park. By giving yourself time to plan your quarantine date, you won’t have to worry about you and your date not being on the same page style-wise. 


Show off your favorite body parts

One thing I love about dating someone new that you’re attracted to is the subtle sexiness that comes along with it. It adds even more excitement and, no matter how the night ends, there are still sooo many opportunities to have sex appeal through what you’re wearing. If you love showing off your cleavage, wear a cute tank crop top or dress. Love flaunting your booty? Find some cute jeans and attack! I personally love my thighs and rocking them in mini dresses and even a sexy pair of heels. When you feel confident in what you have on, you will ease into the conversations better and have an amazing night. 

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Street style date night

Dating is hard, but quarantine dating is even more of a task this year. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you look, but more about how you feel. Have fun, be safe, and, most importantly, be your very best self!


Photos by @Parishajanelle

Dress: ASOPH, shop here

Shoes: ASOPH, shop here


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