It’s My Blogger-Versary!

It’s My Blogger-Versary!

Happy Tuesday and happy July, lovelies! I hope you’re all staying safe, COVID-free and if you’re black, alive!! Today is very special to me because it’s the third anniversary of Styled to Bloom!

I can’t believe this journey has gone by as fast as it has. I love having my own space on the Internet where I’m free to create and show off my style with all of you! As I reflect on this past year, I’m happy to finally be back to doing what I love. Between a global pandemic, the countless black lives being sabotaged because of their skin and just everyday life stressors, blogging became harder than ever this year. I felt the structure of doing the photoshoots I loved was ending and found it hard to feel the desire to create. But I’m so happy I’m out of that right now. I truly feel like this month is just the beginning of amazing things to come.

I’m focused more than ever to make this space for fat, black women to feel and look their best when they leave this blog. If I’ve done this already, thank you so much for your undying support. Every follow, like or share means the world to me and I’m so blessed and grateful to see another year in bloom!






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