Chapter 27: How I Feel About Entering My Late 20s

Chapter 27: How I Feel About Entering My Late 20s

Happy New Year, lovelies! We are almost through the first full week of 2020 and I hope all of you are off to an amazing start already. 

Today is my 27th birthday and y’all, I feel old lol. For some reason, being in your late 20s doesn’t feel half as cool as being in your early or even mid-20s. I feel as if I’m obligated to know so much more than I do, or have “grown-up interests,” but, in so many ways I still feel like I’m just getting started, which is exciting. 

When I turned 26, I felt as if the life I wanted was happening, it just wasn’t happening to me. I knew the job I was in wasn’t working, but bills are real and I couldn’t change that. So, I stayed in something that truly didn’t serve me. I thought life was going to continue to feel this way, and that I would be continuing to yearn for friends in the city I had lived in for two years, to be a full-time content creator and to finally feel like I don’t have to go somewhere new to live a big life. 

And then, a shift changed. I met so many new people at 26 that I consider being a part of my tribe. The people I’ve met push me to be better, whether they know it or not. I am a better me since they have come in, and I feel like I have an actual community away from home. I have also put myself out there more as a writer, and God has blessed me with so many new opportunities. I know the path I’m on is right for me, and I’m so happy that I get to bask in it every day. 

As I reflect on my 26th year, I would be behooved to not give myself praise for how far I have come. I know myself and, more importantly, I know my worth. I still have a LONG way to go in terms of figuring out this thing called life, but I’m so happy I haven’t stopped learning at 26. I look forward to saying “yes” to more things that scare me at 27, and to take this brand and all of my amazing readers with me!

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