Reflecting On My Past To Make My Future Great In 2020

Reflecting On My Past To Make My Future Great In 2020

Hi, Lovelies!! I’ve missed you so much! So many things have transpired for me these past few months, but I am so happy to be ending the year on a strong note and right where I want to be; writing to all of you.


How Dreams Have Changed


Can you believe we are entering a new DECADE tomorrow? I mean seriously, where did the time go? I was just a 16-year-old high school student who had no idea what she wanted for herself or her life. She knew, though, that she loved fashion and she loved writing. She never thought she would actually make it happen, or that she would get paid to do it, but here we are and I haven’t been happier. 


How My Style Has Changed

In 2009 until around 2011, I, like many of my peers, had no idea that the looks back then would look absolutely ridiculous in the years to come. I loved graphic tees, bright colors and many, many headbands (thanks Blair Waldorf for setting the trend.) I also wasn’t embracing my natural hair at the time, which meant that I was frying my hair on a regular basis. While I loved my hair that way at the time, I am so happy I decided to transition my hair and have the amazing fro that I rock today!


2012-2015 was the time I can honestly say I discovered personal style. I had always loved fashion, but struggled with how I wanted to look like myself. Like plenty of college women before me, I experimented until I found what worked for me. This meant trying (and failing) at different hair colors, playing with trends and making them my own and, finally, decided that following what everyone else was doing was exhausting. I knew I had to define myself, and wanted to use my style to do it. 

After graduation, I reached a point where I noticed that I can do this fashion influencer thing. Everywhere I went, others would ask me where I got an outfit, and how I found the “confidence” to do it. I knew it was because I didn’t look like someone who was into fashion. In society’s eyes, I still don’t. But I truly didn’t care in the next few years. I was aware that I had something in me that would work, and wasn’t phased with the opinions of others to get there. So now, I wear what I feel, whether it’s trending or not, or whether someone has seen someone who looks like me in it. 

How My Beliefs Have Changed

Growing up, I was frequently told that I am a strong person. I never understood it. I wasn’t someone who cried a lot or even expressed pain and sadness often, but I didn’t think that made me strong. In this decade, however, God activated that trait for me almost instantly. I lost my big sister (who was my best friend) in this decade. I dealt with my first heartbreak in this decade. I learned that going to college doesn’t mean you’ll have thousands of dollars in this decade (maybe not even the next lol). I also faced bouts of mental illness, rejection, stress and, unfortunately, fear. 

Going through all of the mess of this decade forced me to change how I dealt with it moving forward. I developed my own relationship with God that both challenges and emulates the one I grew up with. I also decided to believe in myself and my work. I refused to let employers tell me I’m talented, and simply just immersed myself into my talent. In taking a chance on myself, I opened up a new audience and used social media to create a community. I’m so excited to see where my beliefs will take me in 2020 and beyond.


My Hope For You In 2020

I hope that all of you find YOU this year. Do you have to find every facet of you? No, of course not. But I want you to all define yourselves without having a person, a job, a grade or even a family member to do it for you. Through all of my challenges, I’ve been able to get through them because I know myself. I know what doesn’t work and what does. I may ignore it sometimes, but the awareness is always there! 

Whether it’s through fashion or self-love or just self-reflection, find yourself and find your place in the world like you. We all have something in us and have the tools to activate them. I’m so ready to see the new talent this year from people who are authentically themselves. We will get everything we want in this decade, lovelies, and I, for one, can’t wait.



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