How To Be Cute While Being Overwhelmed

How To Be Cute While Being Overwhelmed

Hey, lovelies!!

Happy Wednesday to all of you! I hope your week is going amazing so far and if not, that is perfectly ok too! As I’m writing this, I’m honestly feeling a little overwhelmed. I have so many responsibilities put on me and it feels like I don’t have enough time EVER! However, I am making the most of the hours I have, while not neglecting my very best project: myself.

When I’m having off or tiring days, my “chicness” definitely goes out the window. This might shock y’all, but most of the time my go-to look is jeans, a tank, top, and a pineapple hairstyle. For those who aren’t “#teamnatural,” a pineapple look is the equivalent to a messy ponytail look, at least to me. I l have also been abandoning makeup lately, as it cuts into my constant rat race to sleep.

Now, you may be wondering why I decided to show this look for my blog. I’ll be honest, it’s not the look I would wear on a first date. It’s also not the look I would wear to a job interview. It is, however, the look I am in most of the time. It’s also my look for when I’m on my grind and when I’m pulled into a million places at once. So I thought, part of being “Styled to Bloom” is showing off your everyday style and what makes you feel the most comfortable.

There’s also another reason I decided to post this look for all of you today. It’s because plus-size girls are ALLOWED TO JUST BE! What do I mean by this? I mean I am over the many brands who only create clothes for plus-size women for the club, dates and other “sexy” events! Yes, we are gorgeous, sultry and sensual, but I am not dressing like that on a Friday when my boss has hit my last nerve. I am allowed to wear jeans, a jacket and no makeup. I’m allowed to be cute and not glamorous or sexy all of the time.

Plus-size women are so much more than our body or curves. We have casual days like everyone else, we thrift and we wear hairstyles that don’t distract you from our chubby faces. I created this look and this post for those femmes today. But don’t sweat, y’all, I’ll be back to turn up the heat soon. Spring is finally here, after all!


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