How I Get Ready For A Photo Shoot

How I Get Ready For A Photo Shoot

Happy Thursday, lovelies! I hope you are all having an amazing week and knocking out some weekly goals. Daylight Savings Time personally has me completely messed up, but I’m making it through as much as possible.

To some people, blogging looks to be extremely glamorous. I mean, we get to wear cute outfits, play in makeup and try out new products. Many bloggers are even getting paid to do all of this. But, as you guys know from my many 9-5 rants, I am simply not that girl (yet!). I am my staff writer, editor, creative director, stylist, makeup and hair person and sometimes, I’m my own photographer and editor. Your girl does it all, honey!

However, the photographer part is usually covered, as I do believe if you want to be taken seriously as a style blogger, you need to have stunning photos. I’ve been blessed to work with two amazing photographers since my move to Columbus and I usually shoot enough content to last for the upcoming weeks.

Getting ready for a photo shoot used to be such a daunting task for me. In the early stages, I always left a piece that I really wanted to showcase. I would also make many rookie mistakes I want all of you to avoid as you get ready for your next shoot. The following five steps help me be as prepared as possible for an upcoming shoot:

  1. Plan, Plan, then PLAN again

    As an admitted procrastinator, this is probably the most important step I needed to take to excel my blogging career. Before your shoot, you should already have an idea of where you want your location to be. I knew for this look, I wanted the shoot to have a downtown feel, so I coordinated with my photographer on cool locations in Columbus to shoot. Doing this gave me time to see where I would be going and how far away from my house it was. This way, I knew when to get up and how much time I had to beat my face and fix my hair.

     2. Pick out and try on looks ahead of time

        Picking out and trying on looks before your shoot gives you the chance to see what items work best for the location you have in mind. Your photos are supposed to tell a story that you can use for future posts, and your outfits should be reflective of that. On that same note, trying on your clothes before the shoot will reduce the chance of not being able to use a look. Even if you shop at the store regularly, what looks great for a night time look may look COMPLETELY different once you’re shooting during the day. Especially because you will be walking around in areas where a lot of people frequent and if you don’t want to be seen by them in your look, it probably isn’t the look for you.

3.  Develop a makeup routine that will look great with anything

     If you are a blogger that wears makeup, trying to beat your face for every look will literally cut your time in half. Instead, take some time to research and find a neutral look for your face that always pops, no matter what you’re wearing. I typically make sure I have a similar foundation, highlighter, and eye shadow looks, but will play with my lips and add different colors depending on the look. This saves so much time because you’re only changing one makeup staple.

4. Pack lightly and ahead of time

       I remember going on one of my first shoots and bringing three bags of clothes (including my purse) and sluggishly walking to my destination; downtown; in the summer. I hated myself and my sister also hated me as she was helping me on my shoot. From then on, I decided I would never do that again and decided to bring a small suitcase to shoots. While this may seem like a “duh” task, I didn’t even think about it at first. However, doing this allowed me to fold my clothes and shoes and have a place to store my accessories. With a roll-on suitcase, I’m also able to walk around should another location inspire me.

5. Be willing to get creative with where you change

Here’s where the not-so-glamorous part of blogging comes in. In most cities, when you’re shooting outside, you need a private space to change. In most cases, you will be able to find a restaurant that has no problem with letting you use their location to change. However, there will be times where nothing around you is open or you aren’t near a public place. In this case, you will have to be OK with changing in you or your photographer’s car or behind a secluded area. While I’ve never done the latter, the former was a result of these photos.

Your photo shoots are one of your biggest investments as a blogger. The content you produce will be how brands find you and how you grow your blog. Don’t waste yours or your photographer’s time with not planning ahead. If you decide to work with a photographer, use some of these tips and I guarantee you will have more time to create more magic.

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