How I Am Celebrating Myself And My Curves On Valentine’s Day

How I Am Celebrating Myself And My Curves On Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! I hope you all are having a fantastic hump day and are closer to another weekly goal!

Every time I get on Instagram, a new holiday with hashtag forms and of course we follow suit. This week’s social media holiday is International Self Love Day. The holiday is designated for individuals to love and celebrate themselves on Valentine’s Day in a world that makes companionship the norm.

 While some may consider International Self Love Day to be another excuse for single women to celebrate being single (a la Sex and the City or it’s BETTER counterpart, Girlfriends), I see the day as more than that. I believe self-love should be about loving yourself before, during and after romance has entered your life. Self-love is within you and if it goes away when you get your self-proclaimed “fairytale” I’m here to tell you it was never really there, sis.

   My journey to self-love is an ongoing process. There are some days that I am my own hype man, making even 2008 Safaree jealous. But then there are days where I am Monique in Precious, reading myself for filth for simply existing. I am happy, though, that Monique and her pig feet don’t make a frequent appearance as much anymore and I am in love with who I am now, as this woman is amazing. She’s sexy. She’s fierce. She’s opinionated and is slowly becoming less afraid to share these opinions with others. Overall, she’s my biggest competition.

   On this self-love day, I want all of you lovelies to treat yourself right, no matter what your status, employment, living situation, or even bank account looks like. The following things are ways to splurge on yourself without sacrificing bills or other responsibilities:

Go on a getaway– Yes, you read that right. When was the last time you were isolated with just you and your thoughts? If the answer is difficult to find, it’s been too long, sis! Find an Airbnb, a hotel, a secluded room if you live with family, or, if you live alone, a room without your tv, phone, or laptop. Sit with your thoughts and appreciate how far you’ve come and prepared for where you’re going.

Wear or buy something sexy for yourself– I can already feel the slight eye rolls and murmurs saying “OK she has all this positive fluff but has an entire lingerie shoot going on,” lol. Well, there’s a method to my madness, I promise. Wearing lingerie is A STRETCH for me! It’s even more of a stress for me to post these photos for you guys. Me in 2012, 2013, or even 2017 would NEVER! She was way too worried about what everyone thought and was actually lbs lighter than I am today. She would also be worried about not being “wifey material” for someone’s son. But these photos are just an extension of me loving my now. With the body, I’m in and wearing what is sexy to me. I encourage all of you to do the same. You don’t have to post them, but whatever you decide to buy, get it because YOU want to and watch how much better it feels.

Take yourself out on a date- I did this for the first time years ago. I took myself to a bar in Philadelphia after my classmates ditched me during a conference. While I was so nervous in the beginning, it became one of my favorite experiences. I enjoyed my own company and even socialized with the people around me. Taking myself to the movies or dinner soon became normal and made me not be so dependent when friends and family don’t want to attend an event with me.

Whatever you decide to do today, do it with love. And, most importantly, do it for you. You’ve earned it.

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