This is…26

This is…26

Happy 2019, lovelies! We are now in the second week of the new year and I am just now setting the “reset” button on everything. My birthday was a week ago and between turning 26 and the holidays, it’s always difficult to get back on track to what I need to do. But with today being my first official week back, I am pumped and rejuvenated to make this year AMAZING!

To celebrate the end of the troll (2018), I spent an amazing four days in Miami, FL. It was my first time in Miami, and I believe my first birthday trip (I’m getting old, y’all). I needed to spend some time away from Columbus, and warm weather and blue ocean water seemed like the perfect escape. I traveled with my best friend, Tara, who I rarely get to physically see due to our distance. Sometimes you just need to be in the company of someone who gets you and can get you out of your own head. I am so blessed to have people who will tell me when I’ve fallen off and how I can fix it.

I’ll be honest, guys, turning 26 MORTIFIED ME! From being “20-fine” to “grown grown”, the shift was something I just didn’t see coming. I mean, I’m still technically in my mid-20s, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel that mid-life crisis girl screaming at me to get it together. Being single with no kids isn’t helping to shut her up, either. But I refuse to let the mid-life crisis hater get to me and ruin what’s left of my 20s.

In this new season, I’m opening myself to new experiences, more awareness, and more self-discovery. What does 26-year-old me enjoy? What does she want her life to look like? Will she be free of things that have stifled her in the past?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, but I know I’m excited about the journey that comes with answering those. At 26, my mind is clear and focused. I am confident in what God has called me to do and am willing to lose sleep, fun, procrastination, and my arch nemesis depression to make my goals possible.

No matter what age I am, my affirmation for my life is to do things I haven’t done and see the things my heart desires. I am so excited about the life I’m curating and working towards and I know I will be living my favorite life very soon.



              Do you ever get anxious over your birthday? How have you overcome this? Let me know!

Photos by Tara, follow her Fitness page!

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