New Year, Same Slay

New Year, Same Slay

Pose for the new year

Hi, lovelies! Can you believe we finally made it? 2018 will be over in less than 24 hours and I for one cannot wait to celebrate this year’s demise. 2018 has truly felt like two years, but I am proud to say I made it through.


This past weekend I took time to write in my handy, dandy journal (if you don’t get the reference, please ask an elder about Blue’s Clues) to reflect on what a year it has been. In just a short 365 days, I lost a job but found my purpose. When I tuned into that purpose, the game changed.

The Blessings

I wrote for multiple brands, worked on multiple brand campaigns, completed my Master’s program, and faced personal demons head on. Did I figure everything out this year? Of course not! But that is the beauty of being blessed to see another year. We have no idea how many years God will allow us to see. I believe we must celebrate that every chance we get. Instead of being upset that I didn’t meet every goal I set for myself in 2018, I am congratulating myself for where I am and am excited for where I’m going.

Putting in the work

In addition to reflecting on my year, I took a moment to focus on what I want next year and was honest with myself in doing this. I wrote with intention and said exactly what I need in terms of my personal and professional life. For example, working with plus-size clothing brands is a HUGE next step that I want to take in my brand. I listed every brand I desire to promote in 2019 because when you want something, you must spell it out so it comes true. I know taking time to do this will help me visualize my future and motivate me, even more, to get up and make it happen!

So today, I challenge you, my lovelies, to take some time before the turn up to ask yourself these following questions:

What worked in 2018?

What didn’t work in 2018?

What do I want to see for myself in 2019?

Be completely honest with yourself when answering these questions. There’s no reason to sugarcoat your messiness or the L’s you took this year. Don’t lie to yourself about what you want either. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, you can do whatever you want from wherever you are. You are entitled to the same life as the girls you see on Instagram, you just have to get up and get to work!

Thank You

I pray all of you to find what brings you the most joy. God blessed me with showing me my purpose and it has been the greatest gift of my life.  I now know the decisions I make will be aligned with something I will love for the rest of my life. My wish is that we all take care of the things that haunt us and tell them that they don’t define our lives right now. Working hard will get us where we want to go, but taking care of our mental health will help us enjoy the life we’ve worked for.

Happy new year look

New year, new me look

Happy new year

Thank you so much for an amazing year in bloom and I can’t wait to see you in 2019!!

This post was inspired by one of my favorite podcasts, The Friend Zone

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