When style meets persistence

When style meets persistence

Happy Wednesday, lovelies! How are your last few weeks of 2018 going? Have you started planning for the breakthrough that’s happening for you next year? I know I have! I decided to further my education (yes, I’m obsessed with school lol) to put more STYLE in the Styled to Bloom brand. I feel called to help women find their personal style and in 2019 I will be putting my money (and time) where my mouth is.

     I’ve talked about this a few times on the blog, but this year was probably the most challenging I’ve faced in my adult life. It was literally the “Humpty Dumpty” year for me. I had to literally break down and work to put myself back together again. I would love to say I simply prayed on it, let it go, and walked away. Instead, I persisted. I cried, I felt everything, and sometimes, I self-medicated. But I got back up, stopped feeling sorry for myself, and worked until my life made sense again. As I sit here writing this, in a space I can call my own, I can’t help but be grateful for how far I’ve come.

        The shirt I’m wearing from ROX Jewelry fits where my life is currently. “Nevertheless, she persisted” was ALMOST my graduation cap quote. This is because persistence was a huge part of my obtaining my diploma. Along with faith, persistence will be what helps you achieve the life you want. It’s easy to dream so big that it scares you, but to make them come true, you must walk in your dream every day and make sure it comes true. Don’t let another year pass without being the best version of you imaginable. Social media will convince us that simply believing you can do something will transform your circumstances, but it’s simply not true. You need to hold yourself accountable and stop bad habits. You also need to take small steps and know everything will work out in your own time.

            If you’re in need of some aesthetic inspiration, shop ROX Jewelry and use my code “LIZ40” to receive 15 percent off your next purchase at checkout.

Blazer: Boohoo

Shirt: ROX Jewelry

Pants: Charlotte Russe

Shoes: Express

Styled by Me

Photography by Bea Empire Photography

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