How to put your spin on streetwear

How to put your spin on streetwear

Happy Thursday, lovelies! Can you believe this week is almost over already? I feel as if I’ve totally been on autopilot all week and am just now taking a break to breathe. I can’t complain, though, because part of being a part-time girlboss means really long days to prepare for an easier workload later!

Fall is officially here, as we went from the high 80s in the beginning of the month to the now 30s-50s here in Ohio. While I’m not a girl who lives for cold weather, I am happy it’s beginning to feel more like the Fall I love where I can experiment with my style and bring in some of my favorite things, like this windbreaker I have on.

As you guys know, I love going to thrift stores and finding old things to make my own. This jacket is no different, as it was one that my brother found and I pretty much stole when I went home this weekend lol.

Streetwear was definitely a theme in many of the runway shows last month and this look was my twist on the trend. I love to mix up being girly and comfortable and this look shows that well. I also decided to wear the jacket unzipped because as you guys know, big boobs are a struggle. I also added some of my favorite pair of Doc Martens sneakers.

Use this season as an opportunity to mix up styles and put your own spin on trends for the fall and winter. Also finding different ways to add color to your wardrobe may make the cooler months less dreadful.

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