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Happy Thursday, lovelies! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and I thank you for taking time out of your Sunday self-care routine to read this post! Part of my beauty routine is lip care, as I want to make sure to protect them from anything that could stop them from being smooth and moisturized. So, when I was sent a lip balm from Lypsyl, the #1 Lip Balm brand in Sweden, I was interested to see how the lip balm would make my lips feel.

What I love about Lypsyl is the ingredients somehow fit perfectly together. The lip balm is filled with coconut oil, organic shea butter, and vitamins A&E, which are essential products to lock in the moisture for your lips. I personally like to have as many ingredients that I can pronounce in my products as possible, so I enjoyed seeing the ingredients for the lip balm weren’t extensive. Lypsyl also has a beeswax base, which is used in many products to rid your lips of any dead skin cells.

  I was sent over the original mint scent from Lypsyl and the smell was stronger than I expected. I typically shy away from mint scents because they can tend to smell kind of medicated and I like more of a sweet smell on my lips. However, once I tried the balm I was less focused on the smell and more on how smooth it made my lips feel. The balm had a gloss to it as well, which made me want to wear it all day while I was at work and running errands. I found that I didn’t have to apply the balm as much, which is always the goal you want to have a lip product. As the weather begins to cool down some more, Lypsyl will be a staple in my beauty regimen when I just want to keep it simple and hydrated. The ingredients were my favorite part of this product and I know that is what contributed to the lip balm making my lips feel soft and protected. If you are looking for a new lip balm to try out this fall, I would check them out!

                 Lypsyl’s Original Mint can be found at Walmart. You can also check out its Facebook page for more info on the line.

                      This is a sponsored post. All thoughts on this product are my own. 


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