One year in Bloom

One year in Bloom


   Happy weekend, lovelies! As you may know, posting on the weekend is something I rarely do, but today is definitely a special occasion! On this very day last year, I decided to post my first ever blog post on Styled To Bloom. Before STB, I had an amazing platform for young, black women called Here Comes the Chic, which I still have plans for, but I realized on that blog that the posts about my personal style were the ones that were better received. So, after running out of reasons why not, I decided to create a blog that was all about me. My style, my life, and my advice. Taking that leap last year opened so many doors for me both personally and professionally. I held myself accountable and realized that the quality of the work I put out needed to be something I can be proud of. I couldn’t just focus on getting something out that wasn’t ready just to have something on the blog. I also took things more seriously in terms of photography and realizing my aesthetic and the content I want to put out. These small things are so important to the overall look of your blog, as your readers want to know what they can expect from you.

    Professionally, Styled To Bloom has open so many doors for me. I’ve been blessed with three freelance writing opportunities that allow me to do what I love as a side hustle (for now). As the blog grows, I know these opportunities will increase and my work WILL be featured in magazines like Essence, Cosmopolitan, AND Vogue. My blog has also landed me two amazing sponsorships with Blogerize and Masked Beauty. Both campaigns were huge for my brand and can’t wait to see what comes to me next year.

              I would like to thank all of you, my beautiful readers, for following me on this journey. You have been my cheerleaders and, often, my solace when I have wanted to quit blogging altogether. I have so many plans for STB in the new year and I can’t wait to see them come to fruition. But today, I will reflect on what I’ve already done and will be present in this moment.

Valentine photo shoot- Styled to Bloom

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