How I’m wearing stripes this Spring

How I’m wearing stripes this Spring

So, allegedly Spring has sprung and I would be a little more excited if I wasn’t currently looking at snow and rain outside and still wearing my winter coat. Nonetheless, I am still excited about Spring and what’s to come. For many, Spring means new beginnings and new opportunities to bloom in any area of your life. At Styled To Bloom, though, I’m obviously helping you bloom in your personal style, of course.

I remember being younger and shopping with my mom and helping her find something to wear. I found a dress with stripes and her saying, “big girls don’t wear stripes”. Immediately, I thought of my own wardrobe and if stripes were really something that I could pull off. For a long time, I avoided stripes specifically because I felt like they were designed for plus-size to look crazy, from the colors to the cut of the piece. So, when I saw this shirt at the mall, I was enamored by the colors and knew I had to style it in a way that both looked great and fit my style.

One great way to wear stripes is to make sure it’s the standout piece of the look. If I wear striped pants, I like to wear a solid top and shoes. Wearing stripes on a part of my body that is the most flattering also helps make the look complete. Pairing the outfit with solid shoes like sandals and boots allows the stripes to stand out even more.

While I always stress the importance of wearing whatever the (bleep) you want, there are always ways to wear what you want. I hate the old rhetoric with “not everything is for everyone” because it’s simply not true. I’ve seen and worn trends that “weren’t for me” and have easily made them work. If you like something, wear it, but wear it for you with a look created by you. It’s always great to add your own personality to any look and see how it comes together.


What’s a trend you’re dying to try this Spring? Let me know in the comments!

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