How to look stylish while holiday shopping

How to look stylish while holiday shopping

Hello, lovelies! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, I know you’ve probably seen a thousand blogs with the same opener, but I can’t help it. This year I’m so excited about the holiday season, as Christmas will be held at my home this year and New Year’s Eve I’ll be seeing my besties, but more on that later! Anywho, one thing I love about the holidays is the fact that everyone steps up their game a little more this season. It is a time when it is perfectly OK for someone to wear glitter to the mall, school or work. In other words, it’s like me seeing the world in my head personified. One thing that isn’t my favorite thing, however, is Christmas shopping! While a fashion blogger hating shopping may seem redundant, between work, school and managing my lovely platform, shopping is always the last thing on my mind during this time. I usually shop at the very last minute, but I’m hoping to change that this year (pray for me lol). While holiday shopping can be completely exhausting, there’s no reason you should ever look how you feel, especially when you can wear items you already have in your closet to make your experience (s) at the malls and department stores far less of a drag.

Wear comfortable shoes

This should be a no-brainer, but we’ve all seen that one woman who has mastered walking in heels during a shopping crisis. Shout out to you, sis, but I am DEFINITELY not a part of that lifestyle. For those of us who consider wearing heels a workout, comfortable shoes are the best way to get through hours of shopping. Finding some booties like the ones I’m wearing from Charlotte Russe (for l$20 BTW) can really help you remain stylish while remaining comfortable.

Ditch the tight pants

While you should never wear pants too tight for you, we all have those pants that we wear and avoid every fried food for the day. Instead of bringing those pants out for a shopping trip, try leggings or joggers instead. This way, you can eat those free samples at the mall without worrying about ripping your pants in a very middle school way.


Must. Add. Sparkle!

It’s actually a requirement to add some sparkle to your wardrobe this season so why not have fun with it while shopping? If glitter isn’t normally your thing, starting out with a cardigan or shiny shoe can be a great way to subtly step into the trend. Another thing to do can be adding a pop of color to a simple look to balance the rest of your outfit. This makes them look more glamorous and less like you can’t wait to go home and watch Christmas movies.


What are some of your favorite things to wear while holiday shopping? Also, what are some rituals you have while shopping? I’d love to hear from you!

Outfit Details

Sweater: Gabes

Crop Top: Forever 21 Plus

Leggings: Forever 21 Plus

Booties: Charlotte Russe

Photography by Tara 

                                                                                                             Love, light and style,

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