Finding the perfect t-shirt dress

Finding the perfect t-shirt dress

If you would’ve told me I would still be wearing short skirts and dresses in Ohio, I would quite literally laugh in your face. In all of my years here, I can’t remember actually having a fall. It’s usually a few weeks of cooler weather in September before a snow storm right before Halloween. (there’s still time, though)

At any rate, it’s been a pleasant surprise to wake up and wear a dress like this T-Shirt dress from Forever 21. T-Shirt dresses are so fun to wear and a lazy girl’s dream, as it combines comfort and style. Finding a t-shirt dress for a plus size girl can be tough, as you want it to look loose but not get a size way too big for your shape. I decided to wear tennis shoes with this dress to for an edgy, casual feel. And, of course, no fall look is complete without a leather jacket.




What are your favorite ways to rock a t-shirt dress? Let’s chat about it!


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