The beauty of the struggle

The beauty of the struggle

For as long as I can remember, Labor Day has always been a somber holiday for me. Not only does it mean that summer is over, but it also is a time for reflection. In the past two Labor Days after college, I’ve been able to enjoy the day off and spend it not doing what I’ve done during most of the year: laboring. I’m telling you, the last time I can say I had a real vacation without the stress of bills to greet me at the door was in 2015 and I haven’t really indulged myself since. Moving out on my own and having to work to maintain my lifestyle has been so exhausting and isolating. But what makes me happy is the work I’ve been putting in is starting to pay off. I’ve had an amazing magazine approach me to do freelance writing for them, which was a blessing beyond measure, as I’ve been looking for an opportunity to be even more creative and have my work on various platforms. Through social media, I’ve also found more body positive creators that I hope to work with in the future. Also, graduate school hasn’t snatched my edges yet!! I’ve been listening to The Read, which is a podcast I HIGHLY recommend even if you’re not into podcasts, and one of the hosts, Kid Fury, said in one episode that sometimes you have to grind and struggle for a little bit for something greater. I know everything I’m going through right now, from the weekly breakdowns to the intense journaling, is setting me up for something so much greater. I don’t know what it is, but I know I’ll have earned it, because I refuse to lose!




  Are you currently in a struggle zone or you’re slowly but surely finding yourself out of one? Let’s talk about it!

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