Bod Pos Blooming

Bod Pos Blooming


Hi lovelies! Hope everyone is having great beginning to the end of the week (that was a mouthful!) I have had a week of “good stress”. Classes have started again and I’m so happy to be closer to my Masters! But juggling work and school and blog is a task that took a second to get used to again. Alas, I’m here and ready to discuss one of my favorite things: Body positivity!  I’m back on YouTube and if you’re obsessed with it like I am, you’d know there’s a bunch of “tag” videos you can check out. One of them is the plus size tag, where many plus size creators answer questions regarding the plus size fashion industry and express our opinions on the many, MANY haters.

One of my favorite questions in the tag was “what does body positivity mean to you?” You can watch my response below, but I will also save you the trouble and give you the answer right now lol. For me, body positivity is waking up in the morning and loving exactly what you see. Yes, this sounds euphoric and unrealistic, but I genuinely do this. Recently, I had to learn to see the beauty in everything about me. From the dimples on my thighs to my small booty, I find so much love in all of my flaws. I wear exactly what I’m feeling and the only way I won’t is if it doesn’t look good TO ME! Not to any naysayers who enjoy making fake accounts with the intent of shaming. I will never give someone the satisfaction of seeing me change what I have on to please them or society. If you are currently living life this way, I’m no expert but I will say to ask yourself why. Why are you so afraid of the opinions of others who are way too fixated on your body? Why are you allowing someone who doesn’t even know you to deem how you live and love to be unhealthy? These people are usually sad inside and our spewing their insecurities onto you. Instead of being afraid of them, continue living your life and wish them well with theirs, because they’ll need it WAY more than you will.


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What is body positivity to you? Is it about wearing what you want and loving it or is there far more to it? I would love to read your thoughts!

Love and Light,


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