How to find the perfect romper

How to find the perfect romper

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Happy Wednesday, lovelies! We are almost a week away from September and summer is definitely coming to a close. I, feel as if I just grasped the idea that we’re in 2017 and I can’t believe we’re now  in the last quarter! As I try to grab the last few moments of summer, I have been discovering new and exciting areas of Columbus. One landmark I’ve been to this summer is Goodale Park in Short North. Goodale Park is gorgeous, with festivals and concerts being held there throughout the summer. If you’re someone who enjoys a light jog or brisk walk, there is an awesome trail around the park, as well as a lake for onlookers to enjoy. Going to the park was such a calm experience that’s definitely needed after a week of work and school (summer classes are always a drag).

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   Remember when guys were wearing rompers and everyone lost their minds for, like, five seconds? Well since those five seconds ended and rompers have gone back to being a summer fixture, I thought it was now time to discuss them. Finding a romper that shows off your body in a way that isn’t sloppy can be difficult. For me, I always manage to find one that looks great on the top half of my body but looks incredibly loose and saggy at the bottom. This doesn’t help my whole “sexy” agenda I have when wearing rompers and I always end up making alterations. With this romper, however, I have yet to have that problem. I got it from Charlotte Russe and it hugs my body in such a romantic way. It’s the perfect mixture of comfortable and form-fitting and I love wearing it if I’m going out or even in a casual setting.

     When wearing rompers, I would say the most important thing to do is try it on! As a plus-size consumer, I usually get everything in a size larger than what I normally wear. This is because I know fast fashion brands tend to use more cheap income-friendly fabrics to create its clothes. In doing so, many fast fashion clothing items can only be worn for a few months before they start to cause problems. When I bought this romper, however, I tried on a 2X (my normal size) vs. the 3X I always get at this retailer. The 2X fit me perfectly but I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t try it on. Taking that extra 15 minutes to find the perfect fit will save you the time and energy of having to go back to the store and finding something else. Another thing is finding the romper that fits the attributes you want. If you want something that shows more of your top half, a sleeveless or a romper that shows more cleavage will be best for you. If your desire is to show off your legs more, I would suggest one with sleeves and possibly wear a cami underneath for less cleavage.

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What are some of your ways of finding the perfect romper? Let’s talk about it! See you soon!




Shop this look:

Romper- Charlotte Russe: $29.99

Headband- Target: $3.99

Lipstick- Young Attitude by MAC Cosmetics

Sandals- Charlotte Russe- $30.00


Photos by Bea Empire Photography


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