How to get your hair ready for a summer, protective style

How to get your hair ready for a summer, protective style

Good morning, lovelies! I hope all of you are killing your goals this week and making amazing summer memories! This summer has been a hot one and I’m (almost) completely over it! I know I sound like an Eeyore about it, but I love mild weather and not having to put deodorant under my boobs every day. In addition to the boob, thigh, and FUPA sweat, my hair has taken a beating this summer. I love wearing my curls out and while they definitely thrive in the winter months over the summer, any weather over 90 degrees just isn’t for twist outs, braid outs, or bantu knots. This is why your fave naturalista is most likely sporting a protective style for the summer months. The purpose of a protective style is to do just that: protect your hair from any harsh air that can affect your hair long term. It also gives you a chance to simply leave your hair alone and allow it to grow on its own, similar to a child. Because this summer has been a hectic one for me, going in the direction of a protective style two weeks ago was the best move for me.

       While I love wearing different types of protective styles like wigs, updos on my natural hair, or crochet braids, having braids installed in my hair is my favorite style. I love how braids allow me to fully let my hair be free. I also love finding different ways to style and accessorize braids, as there’s always something different you can do with them. Faux locs were something I thought about trying for a while now, after having goddess locs crocheted in. The installation process was 12 hours, something I nor my stylist didn’t expect, lol. It was definitely worth the wait, though, as my hair looked amazing and has only gotten better as the locs have loosened. I made an excellent choice with this style and think I’ll keep it for a while.

                 Before preparing myself for any protective style there are three steps I take to making sure my hair is full, healthy, and will be taken care of during it’s time away (yes, I did just make it sound like my hair was going to jail). These steps have worked for me and have allowed my hair to grow over time:


  1. Prepoo your hair with a natural masque. I enjoy using aloe vera or a mixture of egg, Jamaican black castor oil, and coconut oil.
  2. Wash your hair thoroughly, detangle, and use a deep conditioning masque that has oils and ingredients that focuses on your hair growth.
  3. Trim your ends so your hair can grow at its maximum length
  4. Find a hairdresser that knows the importance of edges and will work to save yours (this is actually before you book an appointment.
  5. Air dry your hair overnight before blow drying it or wait a few hours if you’re pressed for time.

                                                    What’s your favorite protective style and how do you prepare your hair for rocking it? Let me know in the comments!

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